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Del Taco Fresca Bowls by Camp+King "AHHhhhh"

Del Taco’s new Fresca Bowls are full of surprises. Unlike other bowls, they’re jam-packed full of fresh ingredients. The bigger surprise? They only cost $4 each. Makes you wonder what other fresh surprises await you when you finish it.

Creative Credits:
Advertised brand: Del Taco
Advert title(s): New Fresca Bowls Fresh Farmer Headline and copy text (in English):
Advertising Agency: Camp + King, San Francisco, CA, USA
Agency website: http://www.camp-king.com/
Partner and Chief Creative Officer: Roger Camp
Partner and Chief Executive Officer: Jamie King
Creative Directors: Rikesh Lal, Paul Sincoff
Art Director: Eric Lowery
Copywriter: Avery Stokes Harrison
Integrated Head of Interactive Production: David Verhoef
Production Company and City: The Media Mob, Santa Monica, CA
Director: Tyler Spindel
Executive Producer/Partner (Production Company): Greg Jones
Producer/Managing Partner (Production Company): Aesli Grandi
Producer (Production Company): Desiree Laufasa
Photography: Sara Remington
Photography Production Company and City: Sara Remington Photography, San Francisco Bay Area
Director of Photography: Michael Pescasio
Post Production and City: Spy, San Francisco
Editorial Company and City: Misfit, San Francisco
Editor: Doug Cox
Assistant Editor: Marissa Rosado
Executive Producer: Kelly Koppen
Music Company and City: Yessian Music
Composer: Brian Yessian, Michael Yessian
Visual Effects Company and City: Spy, San Francisco
Visual Effects Supervisor: Darren Orr
Visual Effects Executive Producer: Lori Joseph
Brand Director: Lindsay Menasco
Business Affairs: Tricia Krasneski
Director of Strategy: Anne Tway
Strategist: Allison Farquhar

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