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In A World Full Of No Southwest Airlines Sings "Yes" In Latest Ad Campaign

Tired of a travel experience that flies well below positive? Southwest Airlines wants potential flyers to know it's yet again bucking a trend in the airline industry by bringing its Customers a world full of "Yes"! The carrier last night released its latest advertising campaign, working with agency partner GSD&M in Austin, Texas, showcasing why Southwest continues to be different from the competition: their Customers experiencing "Yes" when others don't.

Tammy Davis, Cleveland-based Customer Service Agent; Guillermo Rosales, San Diego-based Customer Service Agent, and Roy Nabors, Chicago Midway based Ramp Agent, lip-sync "Any Way You Want It" by Journey.

Michelle Lovett, Customer Service Agent based in Birmingham, and Matt Sherman, Dallas-based Ramp Agent, lip-sync "Yeah Yeah Yeah" by Jax Jones.

Mary Ann Mayo Rodriguez, Customer Service Agent based in San Diego, and Brian Kalchbrenner, Las Vegas-based Captain, lip-sync "Whatever You Like" by T.I.

Alphonso Thomas, Las Vegas-based Flight Attendant, and Melissa Salaman, Orlando-based Flight Attendant, lip-sync "Yeah Yeah" by Willy Moon.

"At Southwest we're helping you experience a world full of Yes. Yes, to Transfarency, as we deliver low fares without hidden fees. Yes, to an award-winning Rapid Rewards frequent flyer program. And Yes to an expanding international network," said Bob Jordan, Southwest Airlines' Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer. "Southwest is passionate about helping our Customers get away to their favorite destinations and serving people with the kind of Hospitality that only our amazing Employees can deliver."