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Nicorette "One Breath" Digital Film Encourages Smokers To Do Something Incredible

Short film for Nicorette focusing on Daan Verhoeven, who went from smoking a pack a day to becoming a record breaking free diver

One Breath, the new spot for Nicorette from RSA Films director Toby Dye has arrived just in time for Stoptober, the annual NHS stop smoking drive.

Focusing on free diver and former smoker Daan Verhoeven, the ad captures the enormity of the ocean, highlighting what is possible on just one breath and making a strong case against smoking.

You’d be surprised what humans are capable of, with one breath we can dive deeper than certain species of dolphins, and hold our breath longer some species of seal. One breath is truly astonishing viewing.

Creative Credits:
Agency – AMV BBDO
Creative Director – Zac Ellis
Creative Director – Rich Littler
Agency Producer – Selina Day
Agency Producer – Samantha Roberts
DOP – Toby Dye
Cast – Daan Verhoeven
Editor – Julian Eguiguren
Additional Underwater Camera Operator – George Miller
Colourist – James Tillet @MPC
Post Production – MPC
Post Producer – Tomek Zietkiewicz @ MPC
Sound Design – Ben Leaves @ Grand Central
Director – Toby Dye
Production Company – RSA Films
Producer – Ben Porter
Production Manager – Laura Duffy
Production Assistant – Becky Bishop
Sound Technician – Nick Cook
Underwater Camera Operator — Dan Burton
Focus Puller – Beau Scott
Client – Nicorette
Title – One Breath