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Norfolk Southern "What's Your Function?"

Here's our new television advertisement, "Norfolk Southern, What's Your Function?" We've updated the classic Schoolhouse Rock "Conjunction Junction" to remind everyone how Norfolk Southern connects businesses, create jobs, and keeps the economy moving.

The spot is the work of Maryland based creative ad agency rp3, that first launched in May 2013 and damn it's good. Previous work from rp3: "City of Possibilities", equally beautiful.

Norfolk Southern's "City of Possibilities" showcases the railroad's role as a creator of economic possibilities—a powerful force for growth among the industries and communities served by the line.

The ad is a whimsical portrayal of a boy and his dog, and the steady growth of a railroad-served community that comes to life while they sleep. In the last decade, NS has participated in the location and expansion of more than 1,000 factories, distribution facilities, and other businesses along its lines, representing an investment by NS customers of $30 billion and some 46,000 jobs.

The spot was produced by Norfolk Southern's advertising agency, RP3 Agency of Bethesda, Md., and by The Mill of New York, N.Y., an award-winning creator of computer-generated graphics.