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Audi RS 6 Avant, Ben Collins vs Damien Walters in "The Duel"

"The Duel"

The new Audi RS 6 Avant driven by Ben Collins goes toe-to-toe with free-runner Damien Walters in an extraordinary battle of wits...and eggs in the latest advert from Audi for the RS 6 Avant.

To celebrate the latest incarnation of the formidable RS 6 Avant, Audi UK commissioned Rubber Republic to make "The Duel ~ Man vs Machine" which has officially launched on their YouTube channel today.

Soundtrack,Music, Song Title: The Runner — Three Degrees. Below, the making of 'The Duel — Man vs Machine' and of course "warming up the tires" is a must.

Ingridients used to pull this off:
2 x 2013 RS 6 Avants
1 x Stunt driver / Ben Collins
1 x Free runner / Damien Walters
1 x working dockyard (Sheerness, Kent)
60+ hens' eggs (free range, size L)
1 x ostrich egg
1 x ARRI Alexa camera
1 x Sony F55 camera
14 x Go Pro HD HERO 3
2 x Canon C300 Cameras
6 x DSLRs
2 x Glidecam (+ roller blader & free-runner operators)