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Demi Moore Narrates "What I Love" psa for the Climate Reality Project

Demi Moore narrates the latest ad, "What I Love" for The Climate Reality Project.
To love a thing means wanting it to exist. Take the experience and find the things you can't live without at http://whatilove.org

The exciting news just keeps on coming.

Our chairman, former Vice President Al Gore went onstage at the Social Good Summit to announce the launch of a new digital experience the Climate Reality team has created for people just like you. And we had to share the news.

As you know, the real threat of climate change isn't just what it means for polar bears. It's also what the crisis means for the things that make us who we are... the people, places, and experiences that shape our identity and give our lives meaning.

We designed our new tool to bring simple truth home and make climate change a personal reality for people everywhere. We're calling it What I Love... and we're very excited to be able to share this with you before anyone else.

What I Love asks you to choose the people, places, and things that define your life... and then reveals how climate change will directly impact each one.

You understand how climate change affects both distant landscapes and our daily lives, and we need your help ensuring others do too.

Brand: The Climate Reality Project
Ad Agency: B-Reel
Director: Matthew L. Lloyd
Director of Photography: Matthew L. Lloyd
Assistant Cameraman: David Edsall
Colorist: Michael Kellogg
Music: Nylon Studios
Music: Moby
Sound Effects: Drastic Music
Production: B-Reel
Voice Over: Demi Moore