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What makes Russians better: Pedigree and BBDO launches touching new ad campaign

The global Pedigree campaign "Feed the good"™ has recently launched by one of the biggest advertising agencies BBDO.
Moscow office team created the touching commercial spot specially for the local market supporting the big idea of the whole creative concept.

Dogs always inspire humans to be kinder and more sympathetic toward others; they bring out the good in people and PEDIGREE brings out the good in dogs. This insight is implemented in various interpretations that reflect the current social concerns in different countries. Remember how dogs ease racial tensions (US) and helped two former inmates rehabilitate following their release from prison (Brazil).

In Russia localization of the global campaign was the responsibility of BBDO Moscow. Agency created TV-commercial “School kids”, which is about a unique and amazing role dogs play in our lives. It is an affecting story how the dog helps to build relationships between people and make new friends. It is about immediate, sincere and trusting pets that ready rescue us selflessly at any moment. Such a way they make us better and kinder towards others irrespective of age, gender or social status.

Creative team found a typical situation, which Russians perceived as an ordinary component of social life and then came up with an emotional approach to this situation. It was firstly exclusive digital video on YT and late September a short TV-version started broadcasted on federal Russian TV channels.

Below: Global versions from the USA, Australia, and Brazil.

Creative Credits:
BBDO Moscow (creative agency)
Managing Director – Natalia Tsyganova
Creative Director – Alexey Fedorov
Creative Group Head – Ekaterina Savrasova
Senior Copywriter – Natalia Sytnik
Strategic Planning Director – Natalia Chuich
Senior Producer – Irina Noruzi
Music Producer – Dmitriy Rubezhov
Group Account Director – Elena Vorobyova
Senior Account Manager – Anastasia Babuchenko
Bazelevs (production)
Director – Greg Gray
DOP – Paul Gilpin
Line producer – Dmitry Lobkov
1 AD – Julia Kronrod
Producer assistant – Maria Berezina