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Adorable Kids Are Introduced To Vegetables in Kashi presents What’s That?

Two years ago Kashi Canada created the Plant it Forward Initiative, a partnership with Evergreen to help grow and sustain urban gardens in communities across Canada. To date there are 18 of them. Unfortunately this isn’t a well known fact. That’s why Toronto ad agency Traffik created a video that highlights the need for all of us to embrace the urban garden by showing real kids interacting with some common foods and then some common vegetables.

Advertising Agency: Traffik, Toronto, Canada
Executive Creative Directors: Cam Boyd/ Troy McGuinness
Art Director: Laura Stradiatto
Copywriter: Laura Simhoni
Producer: Erica Metcalfe
Director: Nicole Dorsey
D.O.P: Jackson Parrell
Production House: Someplace Nice
Editor: Danica Pardo, Saints
Music: Apollo Music