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Boutique Agency Gents unleashes Bulldog Gin in Streets of Antwerp

Boutique agency Gents takes their new client Bulldog Gin to the streets of Antwerp. With a slightly provocative, insightful and bold awareness campaign launching the ‘We Are Bulldog’ brand signature.

By combining clever guerrilla tactics with above-the-line media, Gents re-invents and re-writes the rules of visual propaganda.

Starting from the manifesto of Bulldog Gin, where Winston Churchill is quoted, Gents translated the bold and defiant attitude of the brand into a contemporary and visually unique campaign with a disruptive black and white personality. Bold words and statements communicate the attitude of Bulldog Gin in a straightforward way across the streets of Antwerp, addressing the social mavericks in Belgium’s — so they say — boldest city.

To accomplish the underground effect, propaganda-alike posters, stickers and stencils were spread across the city centre of Antwerp.

Creative Credits:
Ad Agency- Gents
Client— Bulldog
Marketing Manager Campari Benelux— Tihana Rapic
Senior Brand Manager Campari Benelux— Miek Pauwels
Creative Director— Tim Helsen
Concept— Tim Helsen, Sander Vanermen
Copywriting— Tim Helsen, Sander Vanermen
Account Director— Leen Van der Mijnsbrugge
Account Coordinator— Magali Deckers
Graphic Design— Martijn Leenaers
Digital Design— Simon Pertz
Development— Ibe Vanmeenen, Diederik Van Hoorebeke