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Canon Australia Presents: The Lab Decot — A portrait session with a twist

A photograph is shaped more by the person behind the camera than by what's in front of it. To prove this Canon Australia invited six photographers to a portrait session with a twist. ‘Decoy’ is one of six experiments from The Lab, designed to shift creative thinking behind the lens.

Creative Agency: Leo Burnett
Senior Business Director: Laura Dowling
Producer: Adrian Jung
Executive Creative Director: Vince Lagana, Grant MacAloon
Creative Director: Kieran Ots
Copywriter: Bjoern Ingenleuf
Business Manager: Laura Cervin
Art Director: Stuart Tobin
Group Business Director: Jonny Bucknall

Production Company: The Pool Collective
Prducer: Petrea Lambert, Emma de Teliga, Melissa Scurry
Director: Chris Ireland
Executive Producer: Cameron Gra

Photographers who participated in this experiment: Chris Meredith, Jin Lim, Lyndal Irons, Kate Disher-Quill, Franky Tsang & Tristan Stefan Edouard.