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Cossette Toronto Helped Keep People Refreshed for McDonald's Canada with a "Special Delivery"

This summer, Canada recorded several days over 34°C/93°F. So we asked ourselves: How do you keep Canadians refreshed during these heat waves? With an ice-cold McDonald’s beverage of course. But on those hot days, people aren’t always that active and willing to get up and go get a drink themselves. So we delivered one to them.

Creative Credits:
Title: McDonald’s Delivery
Advertised brand: McDonald’s
Advertising Agency: Cossette, Toronto, Canada
Co-Chief Creative Officer: Matthew Litzinger, David Daga
Creative Directors: Matthew Litzinger, David Daga
Art Director: Kevin Filliter
Writer: Aaron Chown
Agency Producer: Colleen Floyd
Director/Editor: Jeff Zablotny
Brand Group Director: Carolyn Scarf