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Dollar Shave Club’s Hilarious New Commercials

Dollar Shave Club has done it again — today releasing four brand new hilarious video ads. The videos, which will soon be released on TV, showcase the frustrating and primitive experience that comes with buying razors in stores. For those of us used to unreasonable prices and in-store security measures, these ads should definitely “hit” home. Be sure to view the original video/ad "Our Blades Are F***ing Great" (below after the credits) that has been viewed over 17 million times already.

“Free Gift” — Beware of less-than-awesome incentives when buying overpriced razors at the store.

“Security” — Hey, you’re not a criminal. You just want to grab some razors.

“Tranq Dart” — Buying razors at the store can be a numbing experience. Literally.

“Pay Up” — When you buy overpriced razors at the store, you pay with your dignity.

Creative Credits:
Client: Dollar Shave Club Inc.
Founder/CEO: Michael Dubin
VP Marketing: Adam Weber
Executive Creative Director: Alec Brownstein
Sr Manager of Marketing: Raechelle Hoki

Agency: Zebra
Executive Producer: Linda Rafoss
Producer: Maggie Dunn

Production Company: Radical Media
Director: Steve Miller
Executive Producer/Radical Media: Maya Brewster & Gregg Carlessimo

Editorial Co: Cosmo Street
Editor: Tom Scherma

Music Co: Beacon Street

Color: Company 3 & Apache
Conform: Arsenal
Animation: Bent Image Lab