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Interflora remembers the lonely this Christmas in new heartbreaking film, "Captain Bobo"

This Christmas Danish flower shop Interflora is encouraging Danes to remember those they love, but can’t spend Christmas with, in a powerful and emotional film that illustrates one of the heartaching issues of Christmas through the story of a girl and a one-eyed teddy bear.

You wouldn’t think that the happiest country in the world had problems during Christmas. But with a high rate of lonely people and a very high number of married couples splitting up close to Christmas time, a lot of Danes are spending Christmas Eve alone.

Christmas in Denmark is very anchored around togetherness, family traditions, happiness and joy, and therefore the season is often an extra harsh reminder if you feel lonely.

But Interflora – Denmark’s largest chain of florist – is now trying to relieve the loneliness with a heartbreaking plea to remember those you don’t spend Christmas with.

“We can all help making the world a less lonely place,” CEO of Interflora, Søren Larsen explains. “Even though a lot of us don’t see all of our family or friends for Christmas, we can still let them know that we love them and that we are thinking of them. It’s very simple, but we often forget in the chaos of Christmas planning.”

The film shows the love between a shy 5-year old girl and an old one-eyed kindergarten teddy bear, and how they cope with not spending Christmas together. The film is created by advertising agency Brandhouse, production company Bacon and world-renowned director Martin Werner.