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Sony Invites Canadians to Experience their First Time

Robert Turnbull looking into the horizon of the sea for the first time.
Press: TORONTO, November 12, 2013. On the other side of the planet, 62-year-old Robert Turnbull worked over 30 years without a holiday. Despite being surrounded by water, the Australian farmer had never seen the ocean – until Sony took him there.

As part of the Never Experienced 4K TV ad campaign, individuals with unique stories were given unforgettable first-time experiences. For Robert this meant seeing the ocean for the very first time. It was simply overwhelming. From fear to awe to pure joy, he went through every emotion one could expect – and it was all caught on video.

Robert’s story is a powerful reminder (video below) of what it feels like to experience something new and amazing for the first time. Canadians can look forward to same heightened sensations and feelings when switching on a Sony 4K Ultra HD TV for the first time.

Today, Sony is looking for a Canadian with an interesting story to tell. Hopefuls can apply for their chance to experience something they have never done in their own lifetimes at sony4K.ca.

“Sony Canada invites Canadians to tell us what they've never seen, touched, tasted, felt or heard,” says Karol Warminiec, Marketing Communications Manager of Sony Canada. “We also encourage Canadians to share this opportunity with friends and family so they can apply to experience something they haven’t done before.”

One Canadian applicant will be chosen to live their experience and have their story featured on Sony’s next national ad campaign. Sony will consider all applications and select stories will be shared via Sony Canada’s online and social media channels.

Watch Robert’s personal invitation for Canadians to apply and enjoy behind-the-scenes videos of Robert’s first-time experience of seeing the ocean (video below).

Press and images via Sony4K.ca