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Stephen Hawking speaks out on physical inactivity on behalf of Swedish health organisation GEN-PEP

Physical inactivity is now the fourth most common cause of death in the world. Together with unhealthy eating habits it is the underlying reason why more
people in the world today die from complications related to obesity and overweight than from starvation.

To address one of the greatest public health problems of the 21st century, Professor Stephen Hawking features in a campaign on behalf of the Swedish non-profit health organisation, GEN-PEP.

- The way humans live their lives has changed drastically over the course of the last few centuries. As our global civilization becomes more advanced, we must endeavour to maintain our mental and physical wellbeing. Complications from chronic obesity are now the fourth largest cause of death among humans. I urge all of you to find ways to keep your bodies as active as your minds, says Stephen Hawking.

– How being sedentary has become a major health problem is beyond my understanding, continues Professor Stephen Hawking.

Earlier this year, the Swedish Crown Princess Couple founded the non-profit health organisation GEN-PEP (Generation PEP) with the ambition to spread knowledge and create awareness about children and young people’s physical health.

– Sweden is one of the most sedentary countries in Europe, and studies show that the percentage of children who achieve the recommended amount of physical activity – one hour a day – is too small. We need to take this problem seriously and act now, says Prince Daniel of Sweden.

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