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These Quirky New Ads Show Us How To Drink A Campari In A Very Unique Way

In a series of online ad-films for Campari a woman is faced with a puzzling situation: how to drink a Campari that is turned upside down. Each episode offers a quirky solution on how to turn the upside-down-glass back into its drinking position. Without dropping a single drop of the Campari of course...

Ice Ramp (How to drink a Campari: Campari Soda)

Turning Tables (How to drink a Campari: Campari Shakerato)

Frozen (How to drink a Campari: Negroni)

Creative Credits:
Ad Agency: Mori Inc., Tokyo
Concept & Direction: Lernert & Sander
Creative Director: Morihiro Harano
DOP: Patrick Otten
Art Director: Tom Darmstaedter
Styling: Thomas Vermeer
Make Up: Florence Teerlinck
Editor: Simone Rau
Grading & Online: Hectic Electric
Music & Sound Design: Diederik Idenburg
Casting: Alexandra Carrée
Models: Layna, Nicola & Olav (Dominique Models)
Project Manager: Misato Tachibana, Motoko Shimizu
Producer: Marie-Hélène Van Quickenborne, Bram Sterckx
Executive Producer: Maarten Le Roy
Creative Agency: Mori Inc. / Lernert & Sander
Production Company: ADULT (adult-image.tv)