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Allegro: This Polish Christmas Ad About a Man Learning English is One of the Season’s Sweetest

Allegro, Poland’s most popular online marketplace, has launched ‘English’, a Christmas campaign that’s equal parts amusing and touching.

Created by Warsaw-based agency Bardzo, an elderly man orders an ‘English for Beginners’ set and gets to work getting to grips with the language. He places Post-it notes on all of his belongings and gets into some embarrassing situations as he persistently practices English at every given opportunity, murmuring phrases such as “I love you, you are perfect!” on a busy bus.

Agency: Bardzo, Warsaw, Poland
Creative Director: Hubert Stadnicki
Art Director: Wiktor Pietrzak
Copywriters: Ania Kowalczyk-Nowak, Hubert Stadnicki
Director: Jesper Ericstam
Director of Photography: Henrik Stenberg
Music: Marcus Bergkvist
Graphic Design: Rafał Kuźma
Production:: Bartek, Nowak