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Believe Media & Director Sammy Rawal Brilliant New Work for Metric's Lost Kitten Music Video

The music video for Metric's single "Lost Kitten," premieres with director Sammy Rawal’s gorgeous story of an unusual search for home. Shot over two days in Mexico City, the video follows acclaimed ballroom dancer/actor Sheldon McIntosh (otherwise known as Tynomi Banks, the pseudonym he goes by when performing in drag in his native Toronto.)

“Lost Kitten” re-imagines the archetype of a hero’s journey with a queer adaptation, as Sheldon (his massive presence amplified with a sequin jacket and kitten heels) searches for his mother — an “angel.” Sheldon collects mysterious symbols and clues from pedestrians on the colorful city streets before the mysterious pilgrimage leads him into Xochimilco, where he performs a display of mind and body-bending choreography on a flat-bottomed trajinera.

Director Sammy Rawal describes shooting in the ancient canals of Mexico, “We shot on a small island there called La Isla de las Munecas. It's only accessible by a 45-minute trip via trajinera. On our way back to the mainland to shoot the last scene, we encountered a torrential rainstorm, and our trajineras started to take on water. The entire crew and gear were on these sinking boats, and all I could picture was bloodthirsty crocodiles and mutant anacondas waiting for us in the water. We finally approached the access point where passengers exit the boat, and the boat is lifted out of the water and over a cement barricade. As we got there, we found out that it had just been struck by lightning and we couldn't go any further. It was incredible.”

Creative Credits:
Artist: Metric
Song: Lost Kitten
Label: Mom & Pop Records
Production Company: Believe Media
Director: Sammy Rawal
Executive Producer: Jannie McInnes
Producer: Jannie McInnes, Emiliano Mansilla, Rodrigo Mendoza
Talent: Sheldon McIntosh
DP: Starr Whitesides
Editor: Izzy Ehrlich @ Rooster
Color Correction: Tricia Hagoriles @ Alter Ego
Rep: OB Management
Special thanks to José Barrera & The Lift, MX