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Introducing the first scented smart phone game, from Pop Secret and Deutsch LA

Gaming has always been about the eyes and the fingers. Now your nose can get in on the gaming action, too. Pop Secret and Deutsch LA have created a mobile game experience that features real popcorn smell, thanks to this accessory they are calling the Pop Dongle. This is part of the Pop Secret Labs program, a series of experiments designed to make home entertainment better. Previous experiments included Perfect Pop, a mobile app that makes sure you don't burn your popcorn, and Pop Over, an app that helps you invite your Facebook friends over for a movie night.

How does it work?

The Pop Dongle works with Pop Secret’s new mobile game Poptopia for iPhone and iPod touch. Players try to perfectly pop as many popcorn kernels as they can to please "The Almighty Mouth." Every time you successfully swipe the butter in the game, the Pop Dongle sends out a popcorn scented spritz. In technical terms, the dongle plugs into your audio jack and the game emits a subaudible frequency that tells the Pop Dongle to release the scent.

Can anyone buy a Pop Dongle?

Since this is Pop Secret's first non-food product, they're testing the market demand for it with prototypes. Pop Secret has created 3 limited edition collectibles that are being auctioned off on Ebay. 100% of money generated from these sales will go to the American Red Cross.

Can anyone play Poptopia?

Anyone with an iPhone can download the game for free in the app store.

Name of Project: The Pop Dongle by Pop Secret
Client Credits:

Miguel Leal – Senior Vice President, Category Business Team Leader (Pop Secret, Kettle Brand)
Burke Raine – Senior Director of Marketing
Craig Tokusato – Senior Vice President, Category Business Team Leader (Emerald, Diamond of California)
Audrey Dorfman – Associate Marketing Manager

Deutsch Creative Credits and Titles:
Group Creative Director: Gavin Lester
Digital Executive Creative Director: Mathias Appelblad
Creative Directors: Cliff Leicht and David DeRoma
Digital Design Director: Pelun Chen
Digital Designer: Laura Carpenter
Designer: Caroline Kim
Copywriter: Kevin Martin
Copywriter: Matt Meszaros
Experience Designer: Jin An
Executive Creative Technology Director: Trevor O’Brien
Creative Technology Director: Brian Jeremy
Creative Technology Director: Martin Legowiecki
Director of Integrated Production: Vic Palumbo
Director of Digital Production: Pam Scheideler
Executive Digital Producer: Nathan Pitzel
Senior Digital Producer: Nick Ngai
Senior Digital Producer: Tony Joo
Executive Producer: Ted Markovic
Associate Producer: Eric Kaufman
Production Manager: Evan Aronson
QA Manager: Chris Suchy

Production Company(s)/Based in City/State:
App Development Partner: Unit9, London, UK
Device Development Partner: Deeplocal, Pittsburgh, PA
Music: The Hit House, Los Angeles, CA
Video: Story Division, Los Angeles, CA

Additional Deutsch Credits:

CEO: Mike Sheldon
Chief Digital Officer: Winston Binch
SVP Director of Earned Media: Jeff Sweat
Director of Integrated Business Affairs: Abilino Guillermo
Director of Broadcast Traffic: Carie Bonillo
Senior Business Affairs Manager: Delores Martin
Business Affairs Manager: Georgette Bivins
Senior Concept Producer: Amy Lum

Account Management Credits:
Group Account Director: Alex Schneider
Group Account Director: John McGonigle
Account Director: Mark Yee
Senior Account Executive: Lisa Wong