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The Stagecoach & The Snowmen — Wells Fargo 2013 Christmas Ad

DDB California and Wells Fargo's new holiday campaign that celebrates the magic of the season and tradition of gift giving. The campaign just launched and includes “The Stagecoach and the Snowmen,” a spot with: 60 and: 30 versions, and one Out-of-Home. Both the spot and OOH feature a newly created holiday tag line, “Wishing you a magical holiday.”

From its beginnings, Wells Fargo rushed customers’ important business by any means — steamship, railroad, and, where the railroads ended, by stagecoach. The Wells Fargo stagecoach returns in this year’s holiday campaign providing the reliability and trust it has been known for throughout the years.

After a delivery truck is derailed into a snow bank, a beautiful Wells Fargo stagecoach, appears to transport festively wrapped gifts to a town isolated by thick layers of snow. By taking the road less traveled, the horses are greeted by a hospitable family of snowmen who offer them a bite to eat. The steeds continue on their expedition until arriving at their destination — a snow-covered town full of smiling children.

Creative Credits:
Advertising Agency: DDB, California
Executive Creative Director: Will Hammond
Art Director: Jared Creason
Copywriter: Leslie Danger Bea
Executive Producer: Vanessa MacAdam
Managing Partner: Terry Martin
Account Director: Zenaida Torres
Chief Strategy Officer: Craig Kleber

Aero Film:
Director/DP: Klaus Obermeyer
Executive Producers: Lance O'Connor, Sara Eolin, Unique Hammond
Line Producer: Craig Repass
Production Designer: Greg Blair

Aero Post:
Editor: Bob Jenkis
Producer: Patrick Knight

Aero Studios:
VFX Director: Sam O'Hare
VFX Shoot Supervisor: Phil Brennan
Lead CG: Jesse Holmes
Lead Compositors: Erik Rasmussen, Chris Green, Thomas Cheng
Producer: Jennifer Hargreaves

Hum Music and Sound Design:
Composer: Greg Chun
Sound Designer: Dan Hart
Creative Director: Scott Glenn
Exec Producer: Debbi Landon

Eleven Studios:
Mixer: Jeff Payne

Wessel, Duval & Co– Stagecoach Shoot Production and Wrangler Team
Director: Peter Gulla
Executive Producer: Frank Escalona
Head of Production: Lauri Fetch

Coach Driving and Horse Training: Turtle Ranch
Coach Driver and Horse Trainer: Robin Wiltshire
Associate Trainer: Kate Wiltshire