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UnitedHealthcare's Latest Ad Takes A Comical Scene From Rocky in "Delivery" Leo Burnett Chicago

UnitedHealthcare launched a comical new spot “Delivery” showing a family touring Philadelphia that encounters a meat market reminiscent of a scenes from the original cult classic “Rocky” movie.

The dad reenacts the scene, to the iconic “Gonna Fly Now" music on his phone, punching the meat and discovering it’s actually frozen. His injury, an official medical code for “activities involving boxing,” is one of the thousands of ways people enter the complex healthcare system. The spot explains that UnitedHealthcare can make it simpler by letting you know when your claim has been processed.

The spot airs nationwide during in December. It follows in the footsteps of vastly popular, culturally relevant spots “Lab Partner” and “Our Song,” see them below after the credits.

Creative Credits:
Client: UnitedHealthcare
Agency: Leo Burnett Chicago
Campaign: Ways In
Executive Creative Director: Jeanie Caggiano
SVP Creative Director: Vince Cook
SVP Creative Director: Colin Selikow
Assoc. Creative Director: Alan Shen
Assoc. Creative Director: Chris Walker
SVP Executive Producer: Mary Cheney
VP Executive Producer: Matt Blitz
EVP Account Director: Leslie Meredith
SVP Account Director: Rich Pieczynski
Account Director: Colleen Raleigh
Account Manager: Sarah Smith
EVP Planning Director: Denise Fedewa
VP Strategy Director: Sue Broverman
Strategist: Andra Mocanu
Legal: Carla Michelotti, Barbara Dent, Michael Sirota
Clearance: Tracy Scimeca
Creative Resource Manager: Kevin Brown
Director of Celebrity Services: Peggy Walter
Music Supervisor: Chris Clark
Music Producer: Alec Stern
Production Company: MJZ
Director: Craig Gillespie
Editorial: Whitehouse Post
Editor: Carlos Lowenstein
Director of Photography: Masanobu Takayanagi