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Watch Santa Claus Share A KitKat Break With Random Strangers In The UK

Watch as Santa Claus gives hard working people a KitKat Break in this charming ad created by London's J. Walter Thompson.The light-hearted advert for KitKat follows Santa on a day of do-gooding, offering Londoners a much needed break from their monotonous day-to-day and nine-to-fives. Santa was offering KitKats and well-deserved breaks to everyone; from the man handing out your City AM, to the legends making special Christmas deliveries.

Advertising Agency: J. Walter Thompson, London, UK
Project name: KitKat Break Claus
Client and Job Title: Nestlé, KitKat
Brief: Put a smile on people through a feel-good online video
Creative agency: J. Walter Thompson London
Executive Creative Director: Russell Ramsey
Global Business Director: Gloriana Lopez-Lay
Creative Director: Fernando Barbella
Creatives: Naz Nazli
Global Creative Director: Jason Berry
Account Director: Katharine O’Donnell
Account Executive: Benaisha Mehta
Producer: Sonny Botero
Director: Jonnie Malachi
Director of Photography: Åsmund Berge Jenssen