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72andSunny goes behind the "Killcam" for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

“Killcams”—the shot of the moment Call of Duty players defeat their opponents—have long been a proud Call of Duty tradition. But what if there were an actual camera man filming it? A new Activision commercial from 72andSunny imagines what life would be like for him in “Randall Higgins, Killcameraman.”

No one’s seen crazier s**t than Randall Higgins over 11 title releases. But in this new spot for Havoc, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s first downloadable content (DLC) drop, Randall may have finally met his match. Played by comedian Rob Huebel of Children's Hospital, Higgins becomes the perfect spokesman for all things insane in DLC.

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