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adidas Originals | A Superstar is not What You Think

When the Superstar shoe was first launched by adidas back in 1969, the word ‘Superstar’ was unambiguous. Today, the word has been corrupted to the point of confusion. This year adidas Originals sets out to question what it means to be a superstar, beginning with this film featuring Pharrell Williams, David Beckham, Rita Ora and Damian Lillard.

Creative Credits:
Ad Agency: Johannes Leonardo, New York
Production Company: Caviar
Director: Karim Huu Do
Chief Creative Officers: Jan Jacobs, Leo Premutico
Executive Creative Directors: Tom Martin, Julian Schreiber
Creative Director: Ferdinando verderi
Creatives: Matt Edwards, Wes Phelan
Producer: Richard Weager
DoP: Matthias Montero
Designer: Dave Kerr, Annette Lay, Andrea Gustafson
Production Designers: Mark Snelgrove, Mikey Hollywood
Head of Production: Kelly Bowen