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"Many Cooks" — Introducing the 4A's Partner Awards

The 4A’s, the premiere association representing the advertising agency business in the U.S., is launching a national ad campaign to promote the organization’s new Partner Awards. The ad cleverly speaks to the value and importance of creative collaborations in the advertising and agency business, but also the potential pitfalls.

Creative Credits:
Advertising Agency: CP+B, USA
Photographer: Bryce Boyer
Retoucher: Mando-Matic
Art Director: Keli Hogsett
Senior Copywriter: Aaron Sanchez
Executive Creative Director: Evan Fry
Art Producer: Lindsey Linkow
Group Executive Art Producer: Lisa Lee
Photo Producer: Lisa Schrag
Digital Tech: Wes Ferguson
Asset Producer: Eva Hunter
Project Management: Zach Granowitz, Gene Karaffa
Studio Artists: Andrea Perry, Darryl Tait, Emily Einheit