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David Ortiz Takes Up Tennis In New TurboTax 2017 TV Commercial "New Job"

David Ortiz is having a blast at the tennis court, knocking ball after ball out of the park in this new commercial for Turbo Tax. Unfortunately for those around him, the balls have a tendency to destroy whatever they touch; whether it's a car, a statue or a wedding cake. But Ortiz isn't phased by the destruction he's left in his wake, he's more worried about how many balls he's losing and whether he can deduct those expenses from his taxes. He calls up his TurboTax representative for some help and she confirms the balls are deductible if they are work expenses. Now he doesn't have to worry about where his tennis balls end up, and he can even teach his students his unique strategy.

Before everyone asks, the lady in pink is Ilka Urbach.

Ad Agency: Wieden + Kennedy