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Doritos Crash The Super Bowl 2015 Top 10 Finalists Includes A Blatant Copy

The 10 finalists have been revealed for the 2015 Doritos Crash The Super Bowl contest. Just shy of 4,900 submissions from 29 countries the final 10 does not come without some controversy online...there are no women finalists, what was originally a contest open to amateur film makers, it seems most work in the industry, and sadly one of the finalists (Trouble in the Back Seat) appears to be an obvious copy of the TBWA/PHS, Helsinki created ad "Drama Queen" (see it below and judge for yourself). In no particular order the finalists are listed below.

1 | Doritos "ManChild"

Written, Directed, Edited by Armand de Saint-Salvy
Wife: Lydia Sarks
Husband: Mitch Wright
Cinematography: Ben Raymond
Production Assistant: Lev Jutsen
Sound Recordist: Richard Teague
Sound Mix: Matt Perrott @ Uncanny Valley

2 | Doritos "Lemonade Stand"

An innocent little girl selling lemonade in her neighborhood devises a creative way to maximize her profits.
Directed by: Nick Sivakumaran www.amosprods.com
Written by: Richard Jindapornsuk
Produced and Edited by: Dave Horowitz
Associate Producer: Clint Riffo www.lot405productions.com
DP: Gonzalo Digenio
Starring: Addison Aguilera, Benjamin Teeter, Alain Azoulay
Auctioneer Voice: Christie Hatman

3 | Doritos "When Pigs Fly"

Billy goes to great lengths to get a Dorito from Ralph...
Created by Graham Talbot, Nelson Talbot, David McDonald
Producer/Production Designer: Rebecca Sjonger
Cast: Brendan Taylor, Keegan Turbitt, Bernard the Pig
Cinematography by: Graham Talbot, Nelson Talbot
Editing/VFX: David McDonald
Casting Director: Alex Zahara
Key Grip: Nicholas Palfy
1st Camera Assistant/Crane Operator: Cedric Yu
Grip: Chris Tambosso, Owen Jones, Taylor McInnes
Animal Wranger: Ian Doig
Animal Trainer: Camille Siebert

4 | Doritos "What Could Go Wrong?"

Performers: Mark St Cyr, Alex Pepper, Morgana Phlaum
Videography: Kristen Sandler

5 | Doritos "Airplane Middle Seat"

One man will do just about anything to keep the middle seat open...
Created by Scott Zabielski

6 | Doritos "The Angler"

A fish can't resist the sound of a fisherman crunching on some Doritos, so he does what any other self respecting fish would do...
Created by filmekanik

7 | Doritos "Selfish Sneezers"

What happens when 7 best friends realize they might have to share 6 bags of Doritos?
Written & Directed by Devon Ferguson
Cinematography by Corby Martin

8 | Doritos "MisSpelling Bee"

Two spellers battle it out to win...by losing.
Created by Brian Kleinschmidt

9 | Doritos "Baby's First Word"

Watch Baby Liam speak his very first word.
Writer/Producer: Travis Braun
Director/Producer: Ryan Turner
Director of Photography/Producer: Alex Pollini
Producer: Melissa Braun

10 | Doritos "Trouble in the Back Seat"

Dad isn't eager to share his Doritos. But the kids have other plans.
Created by Jason Johnson

Below is the "Drama Queen" spot from 2010 that sadly spoils the fact Doritos even considered Jason Johnson's "Trouble in the Back Seat" as a finalist.

Ad Agency: TBWA/PHS Helsinki
Art Director: Minna Lavola
Copywriter: Mira Olsson
Production Company: Caviar Content
Producer: Karen Bruinsma
Executive Producer: Jacques Vereecken
Director: Rogier Hesp
DOP: Steve WAlker
Editor: Maurik de Ridder
Sound: Studio de Keuken
Post Production: Goeroepost Media