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Dr. Pepper /1 "What is it?" Anthem Ad 2014 Featuring Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

What's it take to be one of a kind? It's hard to put your finger on it. Could be a lot of things. Truth is, you know it when you see it. Here's to being one of a kind. Dr Pepper & Diet Dr Pepper. Always One of a kind.

Voice Over: Macklemore
Music: Ghostland Observatory — Midnight Voyage

From small stages in Seattle to selling out arenas, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have come a long way. And they've done it on their own terms. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis truly are one of a kind. Dr Pepper. Always One of a Kind.

VO: Macklemore
Music: 10,000 Hours — Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Advertising Agency: Deutsch, LA.