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"Too Late" ­ Deutsch NY and Champions Against Bullying

We’ve all been bullied at some point in our life, and every year, over 15 million teenagers are the target of bullying and the rise of social media has only exacerbated the crisis. Deutsch NY partnered with Champions Against Bullying, one of the oldest, International non-profits passionate about "creating a society where every child has the opportunity to develop, learn and thrive in an environment without fear," to NOT ONLY raise awareness but TO DO something about bullying.

Through our partnership, a PSA was created using teens reading real posts left on bullied teen’s social media sites. It’s real and it’s raw. The key takeaway – don’t let it be ‘too late,’ we can put a stop to bullying now.

Inspiration: As we visited the social media pages of cyber-bullying targets who took their own lives, we kept seeing an outpouring of positive messages posted onto their pages and realized that if some of this positivity came earlier, things might've turned out differently.

Insight: We set out to make a video that would help teens understand that speaking up earlier matters and letting victims know that even if they aren’t getting the support they need, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Belief: We strongly believed that only real posts left on bullied teenagers’ social media could deliver the proper emotional impact – so we compiled messages from the actual social media pages and filmed teens reading them.

In the end, a powerful PSA with an emotional, but important, message was brought to life – bullying can be stopped. At the end of the spot, we remind people to “Be nice. Now.” If you’re interested I’d love to connect you with Leigh Faith-Fujimoto, USA Director of Champions Against Bullying, and our Chief Creative Officer Kerry Keenan. Leigh can share some of the initiatives they have put in to help stop bullying, and Kerry can discuss the idea behind “Too Late” and how we think the powerful message can make a difference.

Creative Credits:
Advertising Agency: Deutsch New York
Chief Creative Officer: Kerry Keenan
Group Creative Director: Karyn Pascoe
Executive Creative Director: Jeff Vinick
Copywriter: Austin Hamilton, Brian Alexander
Art Director: Jessica Giles, Katrina Mustakas
Director of Integrated Production: Joe Calabrese
Executive Producer: Andrea Curtin
Producer: Joe Pernice
Project Managers: Jeremy Gelade, Clara Kim