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Sexy New PETA Ad — "Another Cuban Missile Crisis"

Next time you're being intimate and you feel like there might be some premature launching, close your eyes and think of Fidel Castro. If that doesn't work, you're in the thick of another Cuban missile crisis...and with that we have the latest ad campaign created by Matter for Peta entitled "Another Cuban Missile Crisis".

Another Cuban missile crisis is upon us, but this time, it's a crisis that would make even President John F. Kennedy blush. Across this great nation, guys are lasting a minute, sometimes less. It's a problem so severe that not even imagining Fidel Castro during sex can help. But perhaps it's not their imagination that's lacking—maybe it's something they ate. It turns out that eating meat isn't good for your meat. Studies show that vegans actually last longer than meat-eaters. Now there's some food for thought—and sex.

Creative Credits:
VP Communications: Lisa Lange
Manager PETA Los Angeles: Bruce Wieland
AGENCY: Matter

Creative Director: Dan Neri

Copywriter: Jon Koffler
Art Director: Dan Neri
PRODUCTION CO: Artist’s Company
Director: Dan Neri/Sabrina Palladino
Cinematographer: Giorgio Scali
Executive Producer: Sally Antonacchio
Producer: Johnny Walker
Production Supervisor: Kevin Tighe
Editor: Adam Parker
Executive Producer: Josianne Cote
Visual Effects Editor: Johnnie Semerad
Visual Effects Exec. Producer: Bob Nelson/Carey Gattyan
Visual Effects Producer: David Michaels
TELECINE: Company 3 Colorist: Mike Pethal Telecine Producer: Matt Moran
AUDIO: Eleven Sound Mixer: Ben Freer
PROSTHETICS: Makeup & Effects Laboratories Paul Elliott