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Toyota RAV4 Hybrid's Comedic Multi-Platform Ad Campaign Featuring Keegan-Michael

Toyota and Burrell Communications introduce the 2016 RAV4 Hybrid with a series of broadcast commercials, web spots and video vignettes starring Keegan-Michael Key (‘MADTV,’ ‘Comedy Central,’ ‘Key & Peele’ and ‘Playing House’) that take a comedic approach to dispelling the misconceptions about hybrid vehicles. Bob Ackerman, creative editor, and partner at The Colonie, along with the full-service boutique’s visual FX and design team took the package from cutting through finishing.

The storyline of the campaign is driven by Key’s character, Ravelle Forman, (RAV4, get it?) a wide-eyed, slightly unhinged driving school instructor. The zealous fan of the 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid has come out of retirement on a mission: To educate student drivers about a new generation of high- performance hybrids with sophisticated features that rival those of traditional vehicles — while providing a budget conscience, environmentally friendly alternative.

Shot on the Cal State campus in LA, and both Bob Ackerman and assistant editor Graham Chapman were on location during the production. They took advantage of the opportunity to begin editing the performances during the shoot while the footage was still fresh in their minds. The final cut, visual effects, and motion design were completed back at The Colonie’s Chicago-based boutique.

Creative Credits:
AD AGENCY: Burrell Communications/Chicago
EVP, Chief Creative Officer: Lewis Williams
Executive Producer – Shirley Portee
Producer: Craig Wagner (freelance) and Carlo Treviso
CD: Lisa McConell
Copywriter: Elyse Simpson, Derrick Harmon
Art Director: Derrick Harmon

CO-WRITERS: Michael-Keegan Key, Rich Talarico

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Independent Media / Chicago
Director: Tucker Gates
DP: Mauro Fiore (Academy Award Winner)
Producer: Susanne Priessler

EDITORIAL COMPANY: The Colonie / Chicago
Creative Editor: Bob Ackerman
Assistant Editor: Graham Chapman
Finishing: Tom Dernulc
Assistant Editor: Ben Pokorny
Executive Producer: Mary Caddy

VFX Artist: Tom Dernulc
VFX Assistant: Ben Pokorny

Colorist: Michael Matusek

AUDIO + SOUND DESIGN COMPANY: Particle Audio/Chicago
Lead Sound Designer/Mixer: Katy Mindeman
Assistant Engineer: Jordan Stalling
Executive Producer: Laura Feeney

MUSIC COMPANY: Comma Music/Chicago
Composer: Josh Good
Creative Director: Larry Pecorella
Managing Director/EP: Bonny Dolan