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"Forever Young" Heartwarming New Ad Out of Leo Burnett’s new hybrid German agency Thjnk Tank For McDonald's

Director Alex Feil helps McDonald’s celebrate its 60th anniversary in Germany with a heartwarming 1:30” spot out of Leo Burnett’s new hybrid German agency, Thjnk Tank. Feil sends in the clowns with a poignant and cinematic glimpse into the life of an octogenarian circus performer who still dons the greasepaint.

The spot features legendary Russian clown, Oleg Popov, also known as “the Sunshine Clown.” One of the most popular circus performers of the 20th century, Popov still manages to delight audiences and inspire standing ovations today at age 84.

The dulcet lilt of the music gilds the story with a bittersweet glow, as we watch the jester take joy in life's simplest pleasures, ending with a trip to the Golden Arches. There, he gives a nod to the most famous clown of all, Ronald McDonald, as the tag line appears: "When you make people happy, you never get old."

Creative Credits:
Ad Agency: Leo's thjnk tank
Chief Creative Officer: Armin Jochum
Client: McDonald's
Chief Creative Officer: Andreas Pauli
Creative Supervision: Georg Baur
Creative Supervision: Torben Otten
Creative Supervision: Florian Weber
Creative Supervision: Armin Jochum
Creative Direction: Torben Otten
Creative Direction: Georg Baur
TV Producer: Thomas Nabbefeld
TV Producer: Marcus Wetschewald

Director: Alex Feil
Film Production: tempomedia filmproduktion gmbh
DOP: Antonio Palladino
Producer: Vera Portz
Producer: Justin Mundhenke
Music: Supreme Music