A List Sunglasses + [OLD SPICE]

Axel Kiener is the Old Spice 'Jungle Hero' in W+K's Latest Ad

Some journeys define a man. But with Old Spice Odor Blocker, a man defines the journey. And with a dictionary, he can define himself. And with a Gorilla-to-English dictionary, he can teach Chuck how to write YouTube descriptions.

Axel: Sometimes the search for answers takes us on a journey.
Sometimes those journeys never end.
With Odor Blocker, Old Spice’s most powerful antiperspirant, I escaped sweat’s curfew on my body and I was free to break down barriers between man and beast.
But how do you measure success if you’re doing something that’s never been done?
Gorilla Signing: You’re so funny.
Axel Signing: Thank you. I’m surprised you got that. You know… with your simple animal mind.
Axel: And how do you respond to a question that’s never been questioned? Good question.
When you’ve pushed the limits of success further than they’ve ever been, sometimes it smacks you in the face. But I’d rather be smacked in the face by success than tickled weirdly by failure.
Axel Signing: Hello… Old Friend.

Ad Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland