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Couples New & Old Comically Explore Argentina in La Comunidad's New Campaign

Argentina’s Presidency of the Nation, together with La Comunidad, the Buenos Aires office of innovative cross-cultural agency the community, has created a memorable, tongue-in-cheek campaign that capitalizes on different stages in romantic relationships in order to highlight some of the country’s most memorable locations.

The campaign’s first spot (above), “5 Places You Should Visit if You've Just Started Dating,” features a new couple as they visit five essential Argentinian locales. The spot follows the pair as they climb a mountain, horseback ride bareback, jump from heights over fifty feet, hypnotize a crocodile, and more – before comically declaring that they’ve had enough adventure. The spot capitalizes on the common phrase, “for you, I would,” that leads many new couples to try new things – but sometimes, a little too much.

The second spot (below), “5 Places You Should Visit if You Wanna Shout,” follows an unassuming older couple as they also partake in daredevil activities and explore new locations in Argentina. The couple fishes, windsurfs, dirt bikes, and more, all while hilariously screaming at their excitement with various expletives that are bleeped out (F^#%...) and that “it’s good to be alive.”

Agency: La Comunidad
Executive Creative Directors: Fernando Sosa, Ramiro Raposo
Creative Directors: Rodrigo Greco, Mariano Gamba
Producer: Ramiro Capisto
Account Director: Oriana San Martin
Account Executive: Rosario San Martín
General Account Director: Sebastian Diaz

Client: Argentina’s Presidency of the Nation
Client Team: Ezequiel Colombo, Lucía Aranda, Delfina Fernández Cosimano, Ileana Mangini
Client Production Team: Diego Copello, Hernán Pérez Menéndez, Sophie Feroce

Production Studio: Primo
Director: Luisa Kracht
Executive Producer: Caro Cordini, Sole Pérez Veiga
Producer: German Lentini
Director of Photography: Juliano Lopes Fortes
Post Producción Coordinador: Seba Lopez, Majo Moiron
Post Production: Reino
Color: Pentimento, Jorge Russo
Sound: Porta Estudio
Editing: German Cantore