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Dutch health care facility Sint Jacob and Smarthouse Create A Powerful Branded Film "Jacob"

Smarthouse creates branded film about enhanced elder care Dutch health care facility Sint Jacob approaches dementia care differently which is shown in the short film Jacob. The film (12 min) was created by Seema Sharma & Melissa Lissone, written by Daan Gielis and directed by commercial director Daniël Nogueira. Main character Jacob suffers from dementia and when it is no longer safe to continue living on his own, his children bring him to the care facility of Sint Jacob, where he gradually starts feeling at home.
The film, which is produced by Smarthouse Films, is primarily meant for staff and family members, but has an impact on any viewer with a heart. Director Daniel Nogueira, whose grandmothers both suffered from dementia: ‘Sint Jacob didn’t want a standard product movie, but a dramatic story in which they could really show what they’re capable of: putting the individual needs of the elderly at the centre of their care. The creative freedom to tell the story from Jacob’s perspective makes the story quite intense. You actually experience his fear of losing touch with reality, as well as his relieve of finding peace.

Executive producer Danielle Guirguis: ‘Film is such a strong, versatile medium to bring a delicate message across. I truly hope that people who see the short film wonder what they would do for their parents, when they get into a situation like this – which will be inevitable for a lot of us. Having said that, I think it’s truly cool and daring at the same time that Sint Jacob chose film, which is usually not the obvious choice, as the carrier of their message. And therefore it has such an impact. It’s exactly the reason why we love to do branded content inspired by film.

Commissioned by Stichting Sint Jacob
Led by Michèle Hartevelt (client)
An idea of Seema Sharma
Concept & Creation Seema Sharma & Melissa Lissone
Jacob — Jaap Maarleveld
Robert — Harpert Michielsen
Lisa — Bente Jonker
Bart — Abel Nienhuis
Daisy — Tanya Witkamp
Doctor — Carlo van Munster
Granddaughter — Eline Princen
Director Daniel Nogueira
Scenario Daan Gielis
Producer Danielle Guirguis
DOP Jeroen de Bruin, NSC
Line Producer Daisy van Waveren
Editor Sonja ten Boom
Production Designer Mares Thomassen
1st AD Jaap Hermans
Gaffer Bart van Tunen
Wardrobe Sanne Prins & Merel van het Hullenaar
Make-up Cynthia Bakker & Faisa Sontodimejo
Sound Gerben Kokmeijer
Composer & Sound Design Nando Eweg
Casting Kemna Casting
Production Manager Zoë Michelle Huveneers
2nd AD Kelly Joan Jenkins
Script Continuity Bob Wilbers
Focus Puller Steven van Beek
1st AC Abel van Dijk
Grip Tim de Heer
Best Boy Chris Vingerhoets
Electrician Ran Govaars
Setdresser Marten Hoekstra
Location Manager Rob IJpelaar
Location Assistant Sem van der Weijden
Sound Postproduction Sounds Like Film
Compositor Remco Smit & Bats Bronsveld
Post Coordinator Marja Paeper
Grading Gyorgy Balatoni
Titles Zoë Michelle Huveneers