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Fake News: Shoulda called LaRosa¹s

In a low-budget social media campaign rolling out this winter, Cincinnati-based pizza chain LaRosa’s, Inc. introduces its newly available catering services. The work is by advertising agency Brunner, Pittsburgh.

The campaign’s ten ads are paid posts that appear to be Facebook newsfeeds, or, on Twitter, news-related. All headlines are styled as (fake) local news, such as, “Local mediators look to head off JV football banquet crisis,” or “Area couple tries to entertain friends with bag of chips.” Each is tagged, “Have you heard the news? LaRosa’s caters.” All link to larosas.com/catering.

The media budget is under $10K, and the production budget, including stock photography, is described as “less than peanuts.”

Creative credits go to Brunner creative director Gordon Robertson and social media strategist Josef Bookert.

LaRosa’s Inc., privately held, is a Cincinnati-based pizza chain with 64 locations in Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Ad Agency: Brunner, Pittsburgh
CD/CW: Gordon Robertson
ACD/AD: Maria Tarquinio
CW: Alaina Sapienza
Designer: Erik Leib
Photog: MyStock
Search Account Manager: Ryan Bopp
Social Media Strategist: Josef Bookert