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HSBC UAE One Step Endless Possibilities Ad Follows a young woman as she ambitiously cycles on a solo tour

Following a young woman as she ambitiously cycles on a demanding solo tour across a myriad of landscapes, embracing new experiences along the way — each scene captures a unique emotion from joy and pain, to determination and peace.

With every new year, comes a familiar sense of determination to embark on a new journey of self-discovery, adventure and purpose, wanting more for yourself and those you love most. It is an optimistic outlook that simply and surely, starts with a single step.

The #OneStepCloser campaign, is a tribute to that one decision that makes all the difference. The film’s parting message is a powerful reminder that wherever we want to be and whatever we want to achieve, it all starts with that one, important first step.

J. Walter Thompson Dubai’s relatable storyline and grounded messaging seeks to evoke the viewer’s celebration of that one small step taken towards achieving the grand goal. In the current environment of caution and uncertainty, the film pays tribute to fulfilling ambitions via a game of hard-earned inches. The agency commissioned specially composed music to support the visual and emotional narrative, cheering viewers on to achieve their ambitions for tomorrow.

Ad Agency: J. Walter Thompson Dubai
Creatives: Akhilesh Bagri, Gautam Wadher, Anirudh Shiva, Carine Howayek
Production: Aly Seif Al Nasr
Account Management Nermine Barrada, Namal Siddiqui, Nabil Elkourdy
Planning Helina Asefa
Director Mark Middlewick
DOP James Adey, Thomas Simon
Production House Magnet Jordan Knight
Music Key 66 Productions
Client Ashish Mishra, Ajay Keerthy, Mohammed Khalil, Garen Yebremian