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Trump White House Is The Focus of this Immigrant Owned Company's Controversial New Ad

SnoreStop, an immigrant-owned family business, is joining the movement to preserve American ideals by reviving a controversial ad campaign.

Based in California, the company was founded by the DeRivel family in 1995, French immigrants who have lived the American Dream for more than 20 years.

The company markets SnoreStop, a line of anti-snoring products that include oral sprays, nasal sprays, throat sprays and tablets. Originally created in 2013, the ad depicts a U.S. soldier embracing a Muslim woman dressed in niqab and is meant “to symbolize the world we’d like to see someday.”

Back in 2013, the company launched the ad on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, a city known for its diversity. The original concept of the campaign focused on the message of #BeTogether to promote social equality (and the fact that the product itself helps couples to stay together in the same bed by providing snore relief).

"We love this country. We are an immigrant success story. But we will not stand by while the Trump White House begins to dismantle everything good about the United States of America," says Dominique de Rivel, president and CEO of SnoreStop.